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Our Team


Where Country Roads Meet Endless Opportunity


Join Oglethorpe Animal Clinic to discover the unique advantages of a small-town practice, where your potential is as limitless as the view


Situated in rural Crawford, Georgia, with convenient access to Athens, Oglethorpe Animal Clinic combines high-quality veterinary care with small-town charm. As a privately owned practice, we’re passionate about medical autonomy and maintaining a growth-minded culture. Our team enjoys a collaborative atmosphere that supports continuous learning as well as physical and mental well-being.

A place to grow

Veterinary medicine isn’t a job, it’s a calling. It shouldn’t be dictated or confined by rigid job descriptions. We’ve built a culture that nurtures curiosity and supports the learning process through structured in-house mentorship, a generous team that loves to share their knowledge, and a belief that learning is endless. When you’re free to find your own style and pursue new skills, ideas, and interests, you can build a more satisfying and sustainable career while making positive contributions to your community and the veterinary profession.

A commitment to care

We’re dedicated to doing what’s best for our patients and clients, including incorporating new technology (e.g., telehealth, therapeutic and surgical lasers) to expand and enhance our care. While we honor the traditions of rural medicine, we embrace advanced modalities and innovation. 


A community that’s the best of both worlds

Crawford may have only one stoplight, but our close proximity to downtown Athens (15 minutes) ensures you’ll always have access to everything you need or want. As the home of the University of Georgia (go Bulldogs!), Athens is a dynamic college town that bursts with youthful energy. Many of our team members reside in Athens for its access to shopping, entertainment, dining, and education, while still experiencing the joy and beauty of practicing veterinary medicine in a small, friendly hometown setting.


Ready to join us?

If Oglethorpe Animal Clinic sounds like home, click below to apply!


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